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Cape Top

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If you love something that's unique in every sense and versatile to the core, the cape trend is perfect for you.Capes are something that can overturn any simple look into a dressy one. These are super in-trend and they never fail to make a statement when worn.

Amrut- the fashion icon will help you know different types of capes, and different looks you can put together with the same to stay voguish and chick!


1. Blazer Capes: Blazer capes exactly bring the look that a blazer does office-friendly and stylish. Playing with colours and changing the bottoms you can switch between different looks. 


2. Sweater Capes: Sweater capes can be amazing for winters. We usually want to escape from the boring sweatshirts and want a break from them. Sweater capes will do the thing in such times. They look trendy and smart.


3. Long Capes: Lately, they took rebirth in fashion and are ruling the trend nowadays. They add a statement to any outfit you wear. They make you look smart and resilient. Tans and dim shades are good to choose as bright coloured ones splurge too much and often look extravagant.

From thousands of styles to colours, patterns and fabrics, you will surely find all the fashion that's hot and completely in vogue only at Amrut- the fashion icon