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The colour yellow represents hope and joy. It is associated with optimism, laughter, happiness, and good times. In the fashion world too, yellow is considered as a colour that can make you look cheerful. Yellow is a colour that attracts a lot of attention because of its brightness and elegance. The dark yellow shades can enhance your confidence, whereas the warmer shades of yellow can evoke memories of summer in the colder months.

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Styling tips for yellow western outfit

Like mustard, yellow works as punctuation, an exclamation point for a look. You can get away with as little as a stripe and no one other than professional catwalk strutters should ever attempt head-to-toe egginess.

Yellow and grey are a marriage made in chromatic heaven, but yellow plays well with white and washed-out denim for spring fashion as well

A yellow and white dress looks ideal on warm, sunny days. You can wear the yellow and white off-shoulder blouson dress when you are meeting your friends for lunch. Team your outfit with an orange sling bag.


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