Dress Your Shape: A Complete Guide to Choosing Lehenga for Your Body Type

Lehengas are a classic Indian bridal garment that exudes beauty and grace. Take into consideration your body type to find ways to complement it. The Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Inverted Triangle shapes are the five primary types of female body shapes. Think about your body type, preferred colour scheme, materials, and styling advice when selecting the ideal lehenga. Selecting chunni, blouse necklines, and flowing, layered skirts will give you an apple-shaped or inverted triangle body type. While hourglass-shaped figures can be explored with different cuts, materials, and designs, rectangle-shaped figures can be made with flared lehengas. You can attain Pear-Shaped Bodies by wearing light-colored clothing, deep or high necklines, and A-line cuts.

Apple Shaped (Round or Circle Shape):

                             Rani Pink Georgette Gota Patti Work Lehenga Choli

A classic piece of Indian bridal clothing, the lehenga is an example of grace and beauty. It is important to select a lehenga that suits your body type, fits your style, and improves your apple-shaped figure. Consider your body shape when selecting an Indian lehenga along with layers and flowing designs, a blouse with a larger neckline, and a softer chunni (dupatta) made of matching fabric to attain this. Avoid extravagant ornamentation and select a lehenga that expresses your confidence as well as your style. Remember that whenever you wear a lehenga, your inner charm appears.

Rectangle Shaped (Balanced Measurements):

The rectangle body type can be described by equal hip, waist, and bust measurements; this results in a little curved column or rectangle. To achieve a balanced shape, identify the area around the waist along with adding forms by providing volume properly to both sides of the body while keeping the waist alone. Wear well-fitting clothing, explore using various cuts and forms to create curves, and invest in a quality push-up cup to lift your chest. Choose neck shapes that reflect curves, such as squares, boats, or V-necks. To create curves, add belts, bold necklaces, and scarves. The body shape that includes rectangles is antique and works best when utilized to balance or cover up specific parts of the body.

Hourglass-shaped (well-defined waist):

Hourglass figures have a symmetrical bust, established bust, and hips which are roughly identical in width as their shoulders. This shape shines traditional beauty and is sometimes praised as the peak of femininity. V-necklines, bodycon styles and pencil skirts, belts, high-waisted pants, fitted tops and dresses, monochromatic outfits, and formless clothing are all good choices when dressing for an hourglass figure. Hourglass figures look good in flowing dresses with a defined waist or that tighten at the waist. Vertical patterns or small prints should be used, with pointed-toe heels, pointed sandals, and ankle boots. Confidence is the ideal accessory for appreciating your unique qualities and loving your hourglass figure type.

Pear-Shaped (Broad Hips):


Jade Green Embroidered Silk Lehenga Choli With Dupatta

The pear body type is characterised by big hips that are wider than the shoulders and breasts, a smaller top half, and a curved lower body. Dresses that tighten at the waist and drape easily over the hips, jeans that have a mid- or high-rise waist, fitted trousers, skirts, shorts, shirts and blouses, coats and jackets, accessories, and coloured outfits are all attractive for this type of figure. Styling for a pear body requires enhancing properties, creating a balanced shape, and enjoying uncommon features. Choose styles that tighten or highlight the bust, and stay away from oversized or large coats. Keep in mind that you should work within your structure rather than against it, and love your forms to achieve an attractive look.

Inverted triangle-shaped (broad shoulders):

Purple Sequins Embroidered Georgette Lehenga Set With Dupatta

The inverted triangle shape of the body has broad shoulders, a well-defined bust, and smaller hips. Select multilayered skirts, blouse necklines, chunni (dupatta) that highlight the waist, and a lehenga with broad shoulders to create a well-balanced and attractive look. Keep your upper body simple and focus on the skirt rather than overly intricate ornamentation. Wear attractive earrings and jewellery to direct attention upward and away from the shoulders. Natural makeup completes the look, and hairstyles that soften the top part of the body are ideal. Confidence is the perfect complement to this body type.

Lehengas That Suit More Than One Body Type:

A lehenga that is versatile can be used on multiple body shapes, especially hourglass, pear, and rectangle sizes. It is ideal for straight-cut or mermaid designs, has a balanced shape, and widens out at the waist. Make your lehenga uniquely your own to present your unique figure and exude beauty and confidence.

To determine your body type, follow these easy methods:

Measure your body at the broadest point of your breast, the narrowest part of your waist, the widest point of your hips below your waist, and the top of your high hip using a soft measuring tape. To ensure exact measurements, choose imperial or metric units. Both units are supported by the body shape calculator. Take these measurements to identify your body shape and love your unique shape.