Up Your Saree Style!

Saree, the sassiest and classy outfit is often associated with traditional looks. While nothing can beat the conventional style that comes along with a saree, it can be a tough contestant for Indo-western wears too.

Thanks to our designers for injecting western elements in traditional drapes to make it meet the needs of modern women. Thus, we get to see sarees taking trendy avatars in most fashion-forward ways than we could possibly imagine. If you are in a dilemma as to how to wear an Indo-western saree, or, simply in search of how to give a western style to your saree draping, then our quick tips can help you get what you want.

Front Pleats

The pleats over your blouse can be a real game-changer. For a modish saree style, do fine front pleats and lower them down to show off your blouse. These defined front pleats will give a stylish finish to your sarees.

Experiment Your Blouse Sleeves

Your blouse sleeves matter to strike a western touch on any saree. Make your sleeves as exaggerated as possible for your saree to look as voguish as this.

Voluminous Shirts

Let’s tread on the manly territory some more. When tees and jumpers can adorn your saree, why leave your shirts? Spice up your sarees with a relaxed voluminous shirt.

Blazers and Coats

Blazers, coats, shrugs, and other boyish kinds of stuff are great pieces in western clothing. They can be equally alluring to be paired with sarees too.

With a mind of experimentation and a sense of fashion, you can exactly replicate the looks we have detailed above. They are not at all complicated. Be sure to give it a try with Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon.