Tempting Temple Jewelry

Temple jewellery is a preeminent and significant asset in a South-Indian bride’s wedding look. Gold temple jewellery was ideally made to idolize Gods and Goddesses, and later, it was only possessed and treasured by royal families. Temple jewellery collection pieces spread across designs and motifs of Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmi, swans and peacocks, flowers, and royal figures. Traditionally handcrafted in pure gold, now they are also available in other metals, studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and pearls. 

A South-Indian bride-to-be or no, here’s a head-to-toe selection of the best temple jewelry designs by Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon.

This exquisite temple jewellery bridal choker has been strategically paired with a temple princess necklace. As beautifully detailed as the accessories are, they bring out the art in the look.

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Grace the new-age temple jewellery where traditional design meets pearls and Kundan. Studded to perfection, the tiny detailing brought by the Kundan and the pearls is astonishing!

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Intricately crafted in edgy shapes and unique designs, these bangles should be your go-to if you’re a millennial bride with a hint of tradition. Yet another recommendation for a millennial bride who’s also timeless: Elaborately designed handcuff set with oversized motifs and pearl details.

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These Kundan studded royal mor (peacock) rings are so regal and self-sufficient, they can add oomph to any and every traditional look. This piece is handcrafted, fragrant of the gilded bird motif. The lush white polkis studded through the border give you that extra tinge of regalness.

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Whether as a small accessory as a ring or decked up head to toe in a chain of intricate necklaces, keeping a hint of temple motif never hurt a bride. Let us know which piece of timeless jewellery you’re totally bookmarking for your D-day look while quarantining away in peace by Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon. Stay indoors, stay safe.