Must-Have Wedding Fashion Pieces For Spring 2021

Indian brides went into full-blown maximalism—complete with multiple dupattas embellished in heavy jewels and gold. With less of a budget allotted towards guests and a large venue, more was given to the bride’s outfit. But, for all the traditional Indian events and late-night Bollywood dancing our beloved brides had to give up, they made up for it with some of the most colorful and heavily-embellished lehengas we’ve seen walking down aisles than ever before. 

Lightweight embroidery

We are really gravitating towards outfits that are comfortable. It can be comfortable and still be the outfit of your dreams. If the outfit’s weighing you down, you automatically look a little sad and uncomfortable but when you’re feeling a little bit like you can move around, you glow with more confidence.


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Multicolor Embroidery

Multicolor is something we’re concentrating on because it’s a unique way of adding a bit of dimension to a look. We’ve seen multicolored looks in fabrics, but multicolored embroidery is extra luxurious for the bride who might be looking for an opulent way to play on the colorful trend.

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Exaggerated Gowns/Skirts

If you’re an Indian bride who’s ever dreamt of wearing a Met-Gala Gown, this is definitely your year. “You can expect newer drapes that create exaggerated silhouettes with fabrics like silk organza, opulent fabrics like silk, and many more.

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Traditional Silhouettes

When traditional silhouettes seamlessly blend in with contemporary styles, I see a beautiful amalgamation of India and the West.” Hybrid silhouettes like this one aren’t just beautifully feminine and elegant, they also make a statement about Indian culture and fashion.

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