Kurti Trends To Make This Summertime Cozy

Kurtis is a part of the quintessential style of an Indian woman and the variety in this women’s apparel is ever-changing with the evolving style and fashion sense. This type of women’s clothing is very comfortable and is widely worn in India by women of all age groups.

A-line Kurti

This is the simple Kurti that we wear and are used to wearing. These are very easily found in online stores, with a wide variety. The design is made in a way that is fitted from above and loosens slightly towards the bottom, giving an A shape. It suits all body types and is generally worn with leggings.

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Floor-Length Kurti

The long, floor-length Kurti is generally made with a flowy material. The design is made in a way that the blouse is perfectly fitted, and the rest of the fabric flows around the body, reaching the ankles and sometimes the floor.

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Jacket Kurti

A Jacket Kurti is nothing but a normal floor-length Kurti with an outer jacket or shrug to it. Most of the time, the length of the jacket matches the Kurti and is kept floor length. Monotone jackets are widely used to match printed Kurtis and these are paired with leggings

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Layered Kurti

These Kurtis are stitched with an additional layer of fabric stitched under the basic Kurti. This helps in adding a little more volume to the outfit. 

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Anarkali Slit Kurti

This type of Kurti is a modern twist to the classic flared Anarkali. A high front slit runs through the front of the Kurti. This is worn with pants and the design makes the outfit more flexible and easier to carry. These outfits can be ideally paired with leggings and high heels. 

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