Indo-Western and other Fusion trends!

Fusion is super fun (unless it has the dreaded word ‘nuclear’ attached to it). And, when it’s about combining different, disparate dress elements, it’s even more awesome. Oh, how lovely it is to mix and match Indian and Western design sensibilities! The Indo-Western fusion or the Western Ethnic fusion has been one of the biggest and most versatile fashion trends, ever since it started many many moons ago.

Well, whenever that started, or whoever was the first smart one to combine an Indian saree with a western crop top (this season’s hottest trend) we have to be really thankful because this is a fashion rule that has no rules…And, that means – tonnes of leeway and endless scope for experimentation and personal touches.

That’s the beauty of fusion fashion – possibilities are limitless, and practically nothing is wrong! From bohemian skirts with cowl neck tops to Patiala Trousers with peasant tops, lehengas with crop tops, and sarees with corsets – you can pair up any silhouette any which way – just ensuring it looks aesthetically appealing and feels comfortable.

In the era of globalization and the digital revolution, fusion has been immense. Nowhere in the world now can we be immune to influences from other cultures and trends. We see the effect of food, choices, preferences, lifestyles, and, obviously, our sartorial choices.

That’s why today's fusion is like it has never been. We see the spiraling effect influences from all corners of the world – and not just the West. We see inter-mingling of elements from India and the Middle East, India and Pakistan, India and European dress sensibilities, and of course the rest of the western world.

Well, as we said earlier – the possibilities are endless in this realm, and it all depends on your personal choices and preferences. Choose to go all out, or stick to certain tried and tested trends. Just don’t go overboard, and end up compromising on aesthetics and comfort. Happy fusing with Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon.