Fusion Of Folk And Modern Design

Fashion is something that comes from within. The the following someone blindly in apparels is not fashion. Fashion is what you wear and in which you are comfortable. Fashion literally means a distinctive and constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is something in which one is comfortable and looks good.

1. Play Up Your Prints 

One of the easiest ways to seamlessly carry the fusion look is to pick out a typically western garment, in a beautiful Indian print. I'm talking Bandhini crop tops, and Kalamkari midi dresses. You can also choose to pair solid coloured pants, with a top featuring an ethnic print, or vice versa, or combine two complementary prints in your ethnic kurta and western bottom duo. Geometric prints with an Indian touch are a great idea as well. So getting clever with your prints while picking a fusion look, is always advisable. 

2. Footwear Is Foremost 

Throwing Indian footwear into the mix is also an understated yet highly effective way of fusing Indian and Western styles in your everyday attire. Embellished Juttis on an outfit of jeans and a solid top look both minimal and ultra-trendy. Tan or colourful tasselled Kohlapuris is another appealing footwear trend you can opt for while creating an  Indo-Western look. Again, experiment with the material, colours and style to figure out what you like the most. 

3. Contrast Can Be The Key 

Just like in the case of a host of fashion trends, putting contrasting colours together in an Indo-Western look will make you stand out almost instantly. Two contrasting shades in your ethnic top and western bottom choices can look very elegant when done right. You don't have to limit yourself to contrasting colours only in the case of your garments. You can also choose to incorporate it in your accessory picks, like a colourful beaded choker paired with an all-white outfit. 

4. Choose Quirky Cuts 

When you pick a trend with a primary objective of defying fashion conventions, the normally followed rules don't apply. Asymmetrical kurtas with printed culottes or flowy tops with bottoms in a fitted silhouette are some ideas for experimenting with fusion-friendly cuts. There's no universally trending cut when it comes to Indo-Western. Which makes it all the way more fun. So, go out and pick a cut that stands out to you.

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