Fashion Stereotypes – Conventional Fashion Ideas

Fashion Stereotypes: Whether you’re a style icon or an everyday nine-to-fiver, everyone has their own personal style, flair, and go-to look that works for them.


The preppy woman is clean-cut and veers towards classic styles that never seem to go out of fashion. The staple of any preppy wardrobe is the polo shirt, but don’t be afraid to branch out into something a little extra, as this top with beautiful embroidered detailing around the neckline. For the winter months, think trench coats and sharp blazers. Whether you’re off to the polo or off to work, you can never go wrong with the staple uniform of the preppy style: skinny jeans and a soft knit sweater. But don’t forget your pearls! Take this as an inspiration to fuse fashion.


You know you’re a boho girl when your favorite patterns are floral, paisley, and anything tie-dye and Kate Moss is your style icon. Boho women go for laidback and relaxed looks, preferring layering and gorgeous flowing looks. Don’t let the cold stop you from being your boho best. Keep cozy by layering up in knits and jackets, and get on-trend with this cozy jacquard wrap. Switch out your strappy sandals for a warm pair of ankle boots, and don’t be afraid to trade in the flowing skirts for some warmer pants.

Sports Luxe

If you’re dressing in sports luxe, your style is all about that effortlessly cool and nonchalant comfort. Monochromes are the go-to for this style, and staples include a cool leather jacket and tailored cropped sweatpants. Sports luxe women keep it light on the accessories and love all things mesh, laser-cut and leather.


If you love embracing your inner girly-girl with all things delicate, lacy, and frilly, this is your style. This lace top will add a touch of elegance to any outfit, whereas this floral blouse will flow beautifully with trousers. Prints are an easy way to add femininity to any outfit, and cropped pants are bound to make any girly girl yearn for them. Of course, the staple for getting this style right is a dress, especially one the combines florals and a delicate silhouette.

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